Licenses to Run Your New Café and Restaurant in Singapore

There are many food licenses and permits an owner has to secure before opening his/her own restaurant/café in Singapore. No owner would want to face legal implications from the government because of negligence over simple paperwork. Especially in Singapore where the food safety regulations are extremely strict. Some of the food licenses required for a restaurant and a café overlap each other. We will go further into detail about these licenses in this article.

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8 effective tips for a killer marketing event

In order to execute a killer event, you would want a good turn up and high conversion rates. Additionally, as an event marketer, you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly while focusing on your main task: promotion and network.

Planning a successful marketing event campaign can be stressful. But here are some tips to help you accomplish a successful event.

Before diving into the planning stages, ask yourself these questions:

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The Ultimate Guide to Automating Your F&B Business



Have you realised that you don’t possess the manpower needed to successfully run your F&B business? Or do you come home exhausted everyday because you’re running around after your workers at the restaurant? Well, it might be time to start thinking about automating your F&B business and living in the clouds. (The internet clouds that is).

This guide by ThunderQuote seeks to help you think through your first steps to automating your F&B business and bringing productivity to the next level.

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4 Ways to Keep Your F&B Business Cutting Edge With Technology

With the rapid advancement in technology and the pursue towards reducing labour cost for F&B establishments, food suppliers have begun to develop innovative products and services for effective customer service solutions. These development has helped improve customer service standards and enable food and beverage outlets to increase quality of product, productivity and profitability as well as turnover rate. This article provides you with some tips to further improve your F&B business and provide customer service solutions for reducing labour cost and operational cost.

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How To Get 50% More Productivity From Your POS Systems?

There are so many POS systems out there for you to choose from, depending on the nature of your business and the features you require. In the past, POS systems were used to accept payments and process sales. Now, their uses have grown and features like inventory management, staff management, marketing tools, customer data gathering, task automation and more are available in the market. Besides meeting the criteria of finding a good and affordable POS system, you will also need to look into the after-sales services that your vendor provides. The more commonly sought after after-sales services are 24/7 phone and email support, live chat, one-on-one training at no extra costs, social media support and community forums.

This versatile device will definitely help you revolutionise the way you work and manage your restaurant. It will change the entire dynamic of the system. Everything will be much more organised. In Singapore, we love when everything is automated and convenient. So why not give your customers what they want and change things up a bit?

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