7 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs In Their Toolkit

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives, and most of us can’t imagine a future without social networks within reach. The ease of letting the world know your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and even what you’re having for lunch today has become a day-to-day activity for millions of people, and it’s no wonder that corporations and brands are taking their social media strategies more seriously than ever.

Social media contains a wealth of opportunities for marketers to push their products and services to the world, and it isn’t an easy feat. Great social media marketing takes careful planning, analysis, curation, and management to work.

As overwhelming as it might sound, it’s 2020 and there are tons of tools out there to help you with your social media marketing. Read on to find the best social media tools to add to your toolkit:

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn Lead Generation

Lead generation is arguably one of the most important (and tricky) parts of the sales process. Gathering leads, reaching out to them, and funnelling them into your sales funnel is a time-consuming process, but if done well, can result in lots of closed deals and network connections down the road.

Nowadays, marketers are turning to every medium possible to generate new leads, and that include social media. LinkedIn, specifically, is a wonderful tool to generate leads, seeing as it comprises of 500 million+ professionals, 75% of which have incomes of over $50,000.

It’s no wonder that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over other social media networks.

Generating leads on LinkedIn is a simple but gradual task, bringing in results over periods of time. We’ve put together the steps you need to take to build up your LinkedIn profile and get hundreds of sales leads in no time.

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The Best Time To Send Your Marketing Emails & Up Your Click-Throughs

Email marketing remains as one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing, with 59% of B2B marketers saying that email is their most effective way of increasing revenue. The myth that email marketing is dying is far from true, which means that it’s a resource that every business should tap in to and take advantage of.

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What’s The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get your business out there and increase your reach. Seeing as social media websites are the top visited sites online, with an estimated 3.09 billion users by 2021, it makes sense for you to tap into this resource to grow your business.

With that being said, there are certain rules you should follow with your social media postings to maximize your reach, including the timing of your posts. There’s no point sharing great posts at 5am when there isn’t anyone to see it! CoSchedule conducted and compiled studies on the best times to post on the most popular social media platforms. Hence, here’s a handy guide to when you should post on your socials:

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These Viral Marketing Tips Will Boost Your Social Media To The Next Level

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to support your business. Maintaining active social media pages are a great way to reach millions of people, but this involves posting great content at the right times and on the right platforms for your target audience.

If you are just starting your business socials or you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for from your pages, fret not! We’ve compiled a bunch of tips for you to maximize your socials and see your performance soar:

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Refresh Your Email Marketing With 4 Simple Steps

Email marketing, if done right, can deliver great results for you and your business. Studies show that albeit the rise of social media, email is almost 40 times more effective at attracting new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s more than a little significant!

If you aren’t seeing results from your emails lately, you came to the right place. Read on to find out what simple changes you can make to boost your emails and reel people in.

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Here’s Why You Should Be Making Videos For Your Business ASAP

Videos are the new frontier of marketing. Wouldn’t you rather find more information about a product or service in video format as opposed to having to slog through articles or reading reviews?

It’s a great way to grow your business, especially in this day and age of short attention spans and video integration everywhere. If you haven’t taken the plunge into producing corporate videos to market your business, these 5 benefits will convince you otherwise.

Videos help to bump up traffic

Videos account for a vast majority of the world’s internet traffic. Not only that, the latest study of internet trends shows that more and more people are spending more and more minutes watching videos every day, especially on their mobile phones.

Tapping into this ever-growing medium would be nothing but beneficial for your business as you are catering to a majority of users who prefer watching videos over reading. More views = more sales!

Videos are sharable

Ever noticed how every other post you see on Instagram or Facebook are videos? Videos are very easy to share and consume, and viewers would feel compelled to share videos containing emotional or interesting messages. Even better, videos can be shared on multiple platforms too, so there are endless ways for you to connect with potential clients for your business.

Search engines love videos!

Having a video with the right tags and description can help to boost your SEO rankings and make you stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the search results.

The video title and caption is important too, so make sure to keep it clear and concise to make it easier for people to find you! Studies show that search results containing videos are 40% more likely to be clicked on than those without.

Create brand awareness with videos

Sure, there are a myriad of other ways to brand yourself than videos, but videos are probably the only one where you can hook potential clients in with flashy graphics, bold text, colourful transitions, and a punchy message in one go.

Go a step further and create an emotional connection with your viewers to ensure their lasting impression and remembrance of your brand. Use your creativity to make your video as attractive to your target audience as possible!

Not sure where to start with making your own videos? Click here and immediately get connected to professional video producers for free!

Videos get your website conversion rates up

Studies has shown that having a good-quality video on your website’s homepage can boost conversions by >80% compared to just a page with text and graphics!

Having a video on your landing page can keep your visitor hooked to watching instead of chasing them away with a wall of text. Put in as much information about your business as possible in a 30-second video (without being overwhelming, of course) with the right calls to action, and it’s likely your message will be absorbed and acted upon by the viewer.


Now that you’re convinced, time to start shooting! We know producing videos might not be the easiest, especially if you have limited resources. Make it easy with Thunderquote, and get quotes from up to 5 vendors today!

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6 Effortless Tips To Succeed in The Retail Industry

Singapore is known as one of  largest shopping paradises in Asia.  There are about 17,000 retail establishments based in Singapore, all placed in numerous shopping centres and mega malls around the country. The commerce sector contributes to 18.3% of the GDP, with retail adding up to 4.6%.[1] If you ‘d like to be apart of the large retail industry, here are some tips on how you can kickstart your retail store now!

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Top 5 Resources for Developing an Android app

Many companies are now diving into the trend of creating their own mobile app. But it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to pick up right into and I’m sure we’re all a little press for time to slowly learn this new complicated skill. Learning to develop an app for Android would require you to set up Android Studio, download the SDK, learn Java and more. While the inertia for starting is definitely real, and the journey seemingly daunting, there are several resources you can check out to guide you along.  You can use these 5 resources to pick up a new skill at your own convenience.

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10 Free Resources Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Have

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you might be slightly tied up with resources. Manpower and capital may not be something you get in abundance. But fret not! With technologies and smart solutions in place, there are free resources for you to tap on to efficiently run your start-up!

We have categorized some resources you can tapped on based on categories for easy referencing as shown below:

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