Procurement As A Change Program


In our previous article, we highlighted the difference between Direct and Indirect Procurement. Professionally managed indirect procurement has grown in importance in the last 15 years or so. For organisations who implemented such an initiative, the result was a convincing one. In this article, we introduce Procurement as a business function for organisations who have yet to embark on the journey. It is best to keep in mind that the Procurement function should act as the focal point for an organisation to interact and work with the supply or selling markets; synonymous to the Sales and Marketing functions who act as the channel to the customer or buying markets.

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Procurement As A Business Function


Mention “Procurement” and the act of placing orders for required business goods and supplies come to mind. As a business function, Procurement is one of the most understated functions, being perceived more of a supporting back-room function than a strategic one. And most of these perceptions have to do with the fact that many of us consider ourselves as “experts” in procurement, being able to handle with ease our weekly shopping and scouring the best deals for electronic gadgets from the numerous online marketplaces. However, the role of Procurement in a modern organisation needs to be addressed differently from our personal and private experience.

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Ultimate Retail Renovation Checklist In Singapore | ThunderQuote

If you’re ready to give your retail business a new look but have no idea where to start, then this is the article for you. The renovation process can be very tedious and difficult. There are many things you need to consider before going ahead with renovations, such as engaging architects, designing floor plans, sourcing for contractors and more. Here is a retail renovation checklist to ensure that you’re on the right path.

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5 Ultimate Questions To Ask Your IT Solutions Provider

Making an important decision to hire an IT solutions provider is a huge deal. It can cost you a lot of setbacks if you hire an unsuitable provider, using up precious time and resources for something that can be simple. These are some questions to ask your IT solutions provider to ensure that you’re hiring the right person.

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Top Services For Event Companies To Get More Customers!

As an event company, procurement for logistics and services is definitely an everyday task. The swiftness of procuring for the right products and services determines whether or not you will be able to meet deadlines as well as expectations of the clients. What are some of the services that are most commonly procured by an events company?

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Stand Out As A Procurement Professional With These Winning Tips!

The procurement role is an rapidly-changing role that is becoming ever more prominent and significant in today’s business environment.

While it is easy to become a procurement professional, being the crème de la crème will definitely take more than just holding a professional certificate in procurement (Although we definitely do recommend getting your CIPS, of course).

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ThunderQuote Procurement Best Practices Resource List

This is a centralised guide to all the main procurement best practice resources:

  1. 12 Procurement Best Practices To Implement – ThunderQuote
  2. Supply Chain Quarterly General Resources
  3. Purchasing ATK
  4. OCLE Procurement Optimisation
  5. Procurement Sense
  6. AppsFreedom Procurement
  7. Purchasing Center
  8. Blur Group Savings And Productivity 
  9. Partnership For Public Procurement Practices CIPS NIGP
  10. Procurement Evolution Slideshare

These are some useful resources related to best practices in the procurement and purchasing space.

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Implement These 12 Procurement Best Practices in Less Than 15 Minutes!

In the past, procurement had a relatively simple mandate of keeping costs low. These days, however, procurement has become much more nuanced. And to match that more involved existence, a set of procurement practices have been established. Procurement helps to deliver competitive advantage by eliminating wastage in the cycle of demand, source and supply when purchasing goods and services.

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