Useful information when hiring a Mobile App Developer

Developing a great mobile app can be the key to engaging your current users and attracting new ones. However, a lot of time and effort goes into the building of an app and it is crucial that the final product isn’t buggy and has an easy to use and attractive interface.

Typically, app development is split into two categories, iOS and Android. From there, there are many types of apps that can be developed; commerce apps, user productivity apps, marketplace apps and multi-user platform apps

Services and Specialisation

  • Simple Information App
  • Sales of Products & Services App
  • Marketplace App
  • Multi-User Platform App
  • Game Apps
  • User Productivity Apps
  • Content Creation App
  • Business Process Automation
  • CMS
  • Front and Back-end Development

What makes a good mobile app developer?

  1. Is very knowledgeable on the platform they are developing on
  2. Past apps receive good reviews and are very easy and pleasant to use
  3. Has more than 5 years of experience in app development

Main price factors

  1. App functionality and purpose – number of features and intended users
  2. Number of mobile platforms supported
  3. Integration points – any 3rd party and complex systems that the app has to sync with? (SAP, social media, etc.)
  4. Maintenance plan


$14000 for simple apps to about $40000 for more complex app

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Understand that the initial cost won’t be the only thing you’re paying for the app. Feature updates and bug fixes are going to be a major part of your costs in the next 2 years after app development, with actual development costs only accounting for 35% of total costs.
  2. Make sure your developer has excellent UI/UX skills, sixty percent of your app is how the user interacts with it

 I can also offer you some advice from other buyers

  1. If he is an iOS developer, ask him how many years of experience he has and check whether the information in his resume is accurate. Also, check his knowledge on the type of project you require. Always test his skills and if he knows the kind of technology you require. -K.H., Java senior developer
  2. Look out for technical skills. Also, you need to understand that there are app developers for different platforms, so you need to ask them which platforms they code for. In general, they are better at one than the other. -S.L., runs a designer agency