Useful information when hiring a Renovation company

You might need a renovation for your office or for any kind of commercial location. Office renovation process: Identifying a need of modification, finding a renovation professional, preparing plans and design, constructing, inspecting. Some renovations might require a special permit

Services and Specialisation

  • Office extensions
  • Space alterations
  • New unit renovations
  • Carpentry works
  • Electrical wiring services

What makes a good renovator?

  1. Has a good list of referrals that he is upfront about
  2. Is very upfront about how he works and his work team
  3. Has a tried and tested list of subcontractors / in house carpenters etc.
  4. Provides professional advice on your plans

Main price factors

  1. size of the area
  2. materials needed
  3. timeline
  4. Complexity of job (weird shaped room, risky wall hacking, etc.)


Low cost range: $320 to $650 per sqm; medium cost range: $750 to $970 per sqm; high cost range: $1080 per sqm.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Make sure of what really needs to be renovated to avoid wasting money;
  2. materials of better quality are obviously more expensive but they will last longer. Check if you need a permit for your renovation.
  3. Make sure to check all their references and do site visits
  4. Always peg your payments to work completed to prevent runaway contractors abandoning their job
  5. Make sure every detail is in a written contract to prevent any disputes