Useful information when hiring a UIUX Designer

UI/UX developers are specialists in optimizing user experience in your product. 60% of your product comes from the user experience and it is important that users like your product so that they adopt it. Designers work form top to bottom, surveying your application, testing it and finding the most optimal way to present it to the end-user.

Services and Specialisation

  • Interface Design
  • User Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Intereaction Design

What makes a good UI/UX developer?

  1. Strong user-centric mindset – has the user in mind and not just the aesthetics of the product
  2. They do a lot of user research before starting on their project
  3. Has strong organizational skills
  4. Worked on many successful prior projects

Main price factors

  1. Complexity of design
  2. Number of pages to be designed


$5000 for basic projects, $10000 upwards for intermediate projects and up to $50000 for highly complex systems

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Always test their work to see if as a user, you actually want to continue using your product
  2. Know your user base beforehand to aid in the development of your product

I can offer some advice from other buyers

  1. Check his portfolio to see if his past works are suitable for what you want. Share with him your business nature and find out what kind of website he can make. See what he quotes and compare this with other designers. It will be good if he can design a template on photoshop and convert it into html or wordpress, so he can do both design and development work. Give him tests and ask technical questions to test his skills. -SF, UI/UX designer