Useful Information When Hiring An Event Organising Company

Event organisers are responsible for the entire planning needs of a corporate event. You can choose an event package or have it tailored for your special needs. From dinner and dances to even a product launch, an event planner is someone great to have when you have no idea what to do for your event.

Event organisers are useful because they are there to ensure your day is perfect; without one, you would be the person running about coordinating with the multiple vendors required for a single event. Furthermore, event organisers might already have specific deals with vendors and can get you access to better rates in general.

What makes a good event organiser?

  1. Meticulous – When dealing with so many different individuals and possibilities, and event organizer needs to be meticulous to avoid any problems and mishaps
  2. Good relations with multiple vendors
  3. Many positive reviews and successful events run
  4. Quick thinking – when something goes wrong, a good event organiser is able to make quick decisions to maintain the integrity of the event

Main price factors

  1. The event organization’s price is influenced by the quality of the organizer. A good event organizer will be able to comply with all your demands but you will have to pay for them.
  2. The price will be higher if you need to tailor many things for the event: standard packages are usually cheaper.
  3. Size of event
  4. Location of the event
  5. Manpower required to serve the event

Expected Price Range When Hiring An Event Organiser 



The price range of varies a lot according to the type of event you want, if you want a package or a tailor-made event and according to the reputation of the event organizers. Some event organizers can charge 15-20% of the total expense of the event as part of their fee; some other event organizers have an hourly rate (average around $75/hour). In some cases, event organizers would price both with a percentage of total expense and an hourly rate.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. The best event organizer for you would be one that already organized successful similar events as the one you are planning, especially if you are planning a very specific event.
  2. You should know right from the beginning how the event organizer calculates his/her fees. Some charge by the hour whilst others charge a project fee. This helps you to pan your event budget.