Useful information when hiring Caterers

Great food at an event can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Cue catering services, which can range from bento boxes to full spread buffets depending on your budget.

Services and Specialisation

Bento boxes: pre-packed meals for convenience

French service: For formal events and fine dining, food is served to your guests

Traditional buffet: Several tables of food suitable for large crowds

Cocktail party: A service offering drinks to the guests at the start of the event

What makes a good caterer?

  1. Has an In-house chef that supervises and handles the details and creative aspects of food
  2. Plans a menu that suits your requirements
  3. Offers many options and is able to handle many types of events
  4. No record of health issues with their food

Main price factors

  1. Type of food – more exquisite food can skyrocket your budget if you’re not careful
  2. Service style – a more personalized service means more labour required. Also included in this is the need for setup or decorations, which will affect the cost.
  3. Location – If the location is rural and hard to set up in, costs will be higher. Furthermore, if you need a kitchen, this would result in more costs for generators and equipment


For catering services, one can expect to spend between $15 – $50 per head, this can also vary based on the type of service you require.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Always ask to taste their food, never blind purchase just because someone said they were good.
  2. Know what you require for the event and work from that. Never go in blind and be swayed by fancy packages that are more than you need

I can also offer you some advice from other buyers

  1. For catering, call up a few catering companies, at least 3. Before you call, have the following ready: date of event, how many people, halal or vegetarian etc, your budget per head. Ask them to send you their quotation based on your event needs. Every catering company has different cost, check if there are hidden costs like table cloth, extra chairs etc. This is subject to what kind of event you are organizing as well. – Den Teo,business owner