Useful information when hiring Cleaning services


Professional cleaning service agencies bring you cleaning staff whom are trained and provided with the necessary equipment to sanitise your working space. Cleaning services can handle common to problematic areas and materials, and when well done, can increase the lifespan of your space and furniture.

Some companies might take cleanliness for granted because it might not be the most important thing on their minds. Which is true because when you have a company to run, you would not want to worry too much about cleanliness. However, the state of the office will greatly affect the productivity of your workers. The cleaner and better the space is, the better

Professional cleaning service agencies provide every kind of services. Most agencies have the required equipment for all your different cleaning needs.

Services and Specialisation

  • Building and cleaning services
  • Fabric and furniture cleaning services
  • Window or window blind cleaning services
  • Floor waxing or carpet cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Post-renovation cleaning

Main price factors

  1. Size of space that needs to be cleaned
  2. Complexity of cleaning service (chemical cleaning, carpeted floor cleaning etc.)
  3. Number of locations to be cleaned
  4. Frequency of cleaning

The pricing for cleaning services is per hour. The way your office is build and equipped is influencing pricing (size, height, number of windows, materials…). The time also influence pricing: cleaning agencies can provide services outside work hours which is generally more expensive.

Expected Price Range When Hiring Cleaning Services 


Average pricing is around $100 per hour, but if there are special considerations or many different tasks, the price goes up. Longer hours purchased may result in discounts. You can also lower the price by signing long-term contract with a cleaning agency rather than making one-time contracts.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Know you needs and go for a long-term contract. Cleaning services are rather standard and a cheaper long-term contract is more beneficial
  2. Check on the materials of your furniture and know your full requirement. This saves time and lets the agency know what kind of equipment and personnel they should be providing