Useful information when hiring Event Space Rental services

Some events can be held in your own space or offices. However, certain large event call for bigger space or even have unique requirements that standard rentals cannot provide. Event space rental companies have the knowledge to help you filter out spaces based on your needs and give you access to all kinds of spaces that can suit your event needs.

What makes a good event spaces rental vendor?

  1. They cater spaces specific to your needs and help you understand why
  2. They have strong administrative processes in places regarding rental, insurance etc. – they make rental as fuss free as possible
  3. They provide support in linking up and dealing with the event space owner

Main price factor

  1. Size and location of space
  2. Prestige of space

Expected price range when hiring event space rental services.


This is highly dependent on the location and size, spaces like MBS and more popular spots like Zouk are going to cost less than their counterparts like the Singapore EXPO or

Prices can go from $3000 to $20000 based on above factors

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Some large event spaces might not allow for events that are worth less than a certain value
  2. Scout the type of places you have in mind first so that the rental company has a brief idea on what kind of spaces you are looking for.