Useful information when hiring Freight & Logistics services

Freight and logistics companies provide you with shipping and storage solutions. Having expertise in this field, they can provide customers with better service and more information. Their services range from simple local delivery to handling and distribution of dangerous chemicals, all depending on the buyer’s needs.

Services and Specialisation

  • Cold chain logistics
  • Chemical logistics
  • Temperatures controlled logistics
  • Dangerous goods logistics
  • Commodity logistics
  • Freight logistics
  • Warehousing

What makes a good freight and logistics company?

  1. Able to handle large volumes
  2. Able to deliver to a large range of locations
  3. Multiple positive feedback on successful and quick deliveries
  4. Good track record on product handling

Main price factors

  1. Distance of freight service
  2. Volume of products
  3. Type of product – Frozen items require refrigerator units which are more costly.

Expected price range when hiring freight and logistics services


Freight and logistics solutions can range from $4000 for simple shipping and warehousing to as high as $40000.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Freight companies charge by chargeable volume. Any wasted space will be converted to wasted weightage and charged to you. Try to ensure the volume used is cubic and densely packed especially with oddly shaped items.

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. Mainly use bigger ones like Fedex, T&T, go on website to compare quotations. A good vendor would be one that gets the product there at the right time and update you, those who are able to accommodate your timeslot when able to send your product out. Use credible vendors. Run a cost comparison. (David Pong, Wateroam CEO)