Useful information when hiring Painters

Painting services can bring about a fresh look to your new space or simply brighten up an old paint job. Professional painting companies typically offer free on site quotations and advice on paint colours. Some also offer after paint service of up to 6months to a year. Types of paint jobs include wood varnishing, brick wall effects, spray texture coating, effect painting or simple wall/ceiling painting based on your needs.

Services and Specialisations

  • Minor Changes and touch ups
  • High-rise painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting

What makes a good painter?

  1. Is very clear on your needs and offers the right type of paint for the job
  2. Updates buyers on certain project milestones
  3. Offers professional advice based on clients’ needs
  4. Positive track record on past works

Main price factors

  1. Type of paint – Certain types of paint have special properties and will cost more, like mold guard, made for kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Size of paint job
  3. Type of job – exterior painting requires more specialized equipment, especially on high rise buildings, and will cost slightly more.


Paint typically costs $30 – $60 per gallon and it typically takes 2 gallons to paint a room. Total costs can range from $2000 to $4000 based on type of paint and size of space.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Find out how the contractor aims to protect your property from the paint, you don’t want stray paint where you don’t need them
  2. Find out the type of paint they are using – Commercial painters have access to many types of paint. They can get paint that suits your specific needs
  3. Remember to plan for alternate locations for your business and contingency plans just in case the project runs past deadline

I can offer some advice from other buyers

  1. A good painter will be responsive and flexible. You should check their references with someone who has worked with them before. If they’re good, they will be sure to use masking tape and tarp to protect your office furniture and walls. Check if they have a certain number of years of experience. – Kevin Ng, Director Hyron Infotech