Useful information when purchasing Web Development Services


Web developers help with the setup of your website, handling client and server side coding as well as database technology. They are generally the ones supporting the back-end requirements to keep your website up and running through provision of hosting, support and maintenance services.

Services and Specialisation

  • Front and back end development
  • Lead generation websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Branding websites
  • Multi-user Platforms
  • CMS

What makes a good web developer/development agency?

  1. Has more than 3 years of experience
  2. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and relevant web frameworks
  3. Hacker mindset – is very keen on finding out how things work
  4. Language and platform agnostic

Main price factors

  1. Complexity of web functions – Websites with only simple front-facing information and no database are simpler and cost less. A full functioning website with back-end databases will cost a lot more.
  2. Size of website – The number of pages needed to be developed affects the price of development.
  3. Amount of custom code required – Dependent on how specific your requirements are and if they can be met by off-the-shelf plugins and existing code-bases.

Expected Price Range When Commissioning A Web Development Project 


For simple projects, hourly rates may range between $50 to $200 per hour. Project fees may range from $2000 to upwards of $50000 for high end websites, which is highly dependent on the level of features included.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Know the function of your webpage. There is no point having a huge and fancy website when all you required is a simple page for one function
  2. Make sure to test your web page from any bugs or errors before accepting their work

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. If you require a web developer, you need to check his knowledge on the domain you require. Also, make sure his experience matches the project that you need. Basically you need to test his skills in an interview if you have knowledge in that domain – if not, you need to have someone skilled to test it for you. (K.H., Java senior developer)
  2. If you are looking for a web developer, i think it is important to understand whether they are developers or designers. And there is a difference between UI/UX people which also should be considered when you build a website. For developers you need to understand their capabilities and you need to have a rough idea of what you require in that website. (S.L., Design agency owner)