Useful information when renting Co-Working Spaces


Co-working spaces are mostly for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups; they foster collaboration between members and promote entrepreneurship and diversity. Some research showed that startups working from a co-working space had a higher chance of success than those that do not. Co-working spaces are very flexible, you can therefore easily change the type of space that you are renting.

Types of service: Co-working spaces can offer a customisable workplace and storage, meeting/conference rooms, coffee/snacks, unlimited or limited access, internet, personal mailbox and many more office services.

Main price factors

  1. Services the co-working space offer.
  2. Duration of rental You can rent a co-working space on a daily basis or on a monthly basis; daily prices or more expensive. Group prices are competitive to attract startups.

Expected Price Range When Renting A Co-Working Space 


Typically around $300-$910 per month per seat, although there may be discounts given per seat for renting multiple seats.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. list your startup/business current and future needs to find the appropriate co-working space (including location, size). Don’t forget to scope out the people in a co-working space you are interested in (better work environment and networking opportunities).
  2. Know the rules of the place and get a rough walk on the ground. Different co-working spaces have different rules and atmospheres which affect the way you work

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. Get a few quotes to compare prices. It really depends on what you need, maybe you need a good location. But the most important is the networking you can get. Check what kind of companies are renting the place with you, and if you are in the same industry as them. This way you can share a lot of resources and meet people who can help you. (J.L, Business owner)