Useful information When Renting Serviced Offices


Serviced office spaces are pay-as-you-use spaces that offer other additional benefits of having maintained space, ready to use facilities and short lease terms. This can be useful especially when purchasing an office can be very expensive.

Services include housekeeping, Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks, receptionist services as well free local calls.

What makes a good serviced office?

  1. They are helpful and are very keen on serving your needs
  2. Has a good system in place to settle administrative matters regarding rent, expenses, insurance etc.
  3. Highly transparent on all costs
  4. All functionalities and services are readily available and are of good quality

Main price factors

  1. Location – a more central location to the CBD would undoubtedly cost more
  2. Type of services available
  3. Office space required

Expected Price Range When Renting Serviced Offices 


Basic office space for one person can go as low as $20 a day to $11000 a month for a large fitted office space.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Location has a huge impact on prices. If it’s not necessary, you don’t need an office space close to more pricey areas like the CBD
  2. Have a taste of their services first and see if it fits your needs, like their connectivity, or even the quality of the food and beverages they may provide.