The Ever-Growing Importance of Content Marketing and Why You Should Implement It



Over the past few years, content writers have become a great team member to have in your marketing team. They are being vigorously sought out by companies to help with the expansion of their business. Content marketing is on the rise and it has become an unstoppable force when it comes to digital marketing. This is the case because everyone spends their time on the internet nowadays and Google has become the new encyclopedia which everyone relies on for all things information. So staying on top of that loop is super important and one of the ways you can achieve that is to have a strong content marketer.

What is content marketing?

Well content marketing is basically the practice of creating informative, helpful and knowledgeable content to be put onto the word wide web in accordance to what your company has to offer. It helps with brand marketing and it is another helpful way to increase the capabilities of your marketing campaign online.

How much do you have to spend? 

Before you can even think about implementing content marketing, you need to figure out how much money you’re going to have to spend before jumping in. There are many facets to this and in short, depending on the size of your company, it can range from USD 5000 to USD 40000 for a proper content marketing campaign. If you wish to hire more content writers, you can also look up freelance writers that quote around USD 15 per hour to USD 125 per hour. It is good to sit down and draft a budget so that you have enough cash for your marketing campaign.

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So why is important to have a content writer for your marketing campaign?

#1 It Draws Traffic

If you are a small and new business, your main goal would be to get on the map. You would want more people to notice your brand and you would definitely want to grow as a business. But getting your products out there is super difficult if you have competitors. So what is it that makes you different? Hiring a great content writer to help in your marketing campaign is a genius idea because it draws people in. If you have good content on your website, the next natural thing is that you will draw more attention and more attention means more shares in the world wide web.

Good content writing also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a sure fire way to get your website more noticeable. The better SEO the higher you go on the ranks. SEO writing is basically the process of using the right words for the article at the right places and ensuring that quality content is published.

#2 Content Writers Offer A Direct Medium to Customers

With content writing you offer your readers an insight to your business and what it stands for. Content marketing is great because this allows the writer to basically talk to your potential customers. You can also then get direct feedback from the customers as well via comments, shares and likes. In the past, it’ll take so long to even find out if someone likes your product and the only way you could find out is by looking at the sales.

This just opens so many doors to getting to know your customer base a whole lot better. Content writers also pride themselves on writing for your own specified customer base. So the content will be tailor made to cater to your projected customers. So this way they feel that the content is customised for them and this will also draw more traffic to your website.

#3 Content Writers Will Help Convert Readers to Customers

Sure you can have a million readers visit your site every month but if none of them return as customers then what is the point of spending so much money on your blog. Having professional content writers that are there specifically for your marketing campaign will make sure they write articles that will drive those readers into purchasing your products. Good quality content will engage the reader and make sure they stay long enough to get to know your brand.



#4 Helps Build A Community of Loyal Customers

After converting your readers to customers, you would want to lock them down and serve them for as long as you can as loyal customers. Therefore, providing free information in the form of content that is beneficial to them will make these customers appreciate the work you are offering. Therefore, you will slowly (but, surely) create an online community that is loyal to you and your brand. This ensures a steady line of customers and they will soon spread the word about your awesome company as well!

#5 Content Marketing Benefits Helps Search Engines

SEO marketing is probably the most important type of marketing when it comes to the digital world. Consumers today in the 21st century often turn to search engines to help them solve their problems. These problems vary from things like how to change your tyre to wanting to hire an app developer for their company. Therefore, content marketing is incredibly important so that your site is constantly the first few that pop up when someone completes a search. The developers at places like Google and Yahoo constantly update their algorithms to help consumers get the most out of their searches so having a professional that is designated to work on content marketing is important to ensure your company stays on top of the marketing pedestals.

#6 Content Marketing Helps Establish Your Brand As A Thought Leader

This is one of the most important reasons why you should dive straight into content marketing. When you establish a business, you want to stand out from the rest and ensure you are the first name that someone thinks of in your line of work. This is why having a blog and publishing regular content is important, because your customers will look at you as the leading company that is offering more information to them and with that you will see your sales skyrocket. Who doesn’t like free helpful information? Content marketing is the best way to help educate the masses and at the same time proving to the public that you are the number one expert in this field.

In short, content writers will make or break your marketing campaigns. You need to make sure you hire the best content writers out there because they are the ones who are going to mould the voice and identity of your company and in this digital day and age, that is extremely important. If you fall short here, you will, ultimately, fall short everywhere else. Here at ThunderQuote, we strive to bridge the gap between businesses and the services they require. Visit our website if you need quotes for your business! We are very happy to help. 


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