Price Guide for Commercial Renovation in SG (Office, F&B, Retail)

Planning for your up-coming renovation but unsure of the budget and cost to renovate your office, F&B or retail? Renovation costs can range from S$320 to S$1080 per sqm. The cost of renovation depends on layout complexity, size of unit, materials, flooring, plumbing or any electrical and of course before the heavy work starts, consulting fees. Here’s a rough guide for you guys to gauge the cost of your next renovation:

Consulting Fee

Before you even get started on your renovation, you will need an experienced contractor or interior designer to assess your commercial space and listen to your ideas. Sometimes we have high expectations for our renovations plans but it may not be feasible so it’s always wise to seek some sort of advice from professionals before starting on a big renovation project. On top of design advice, these professionals can also give you a heads up on some building laws and regulations for example, wall hacking and wiring.

High end designers can charge almost $100/hour for consulting. You can make your own call to pay either a flat rate or hourly charges. But normally, consulting and hacking come together in a package with their own contractors as well so you might not need to worry too much about this aspect.

Renovation Deposit

Before all the heavy hacking is done, you need to check with your building if there is a renovation deposit you might need to make. Depending on your building rules, renovation deposits could cost a few thousand dollar made to the landlord in case of any damages during the renovation. It will usually the full sum will be refunded after the landlord is satisfied with the end result and can confirm that no damages were made.

Overall costs: 

Since the costs are quite vague when it comes to hiring contractors, you should get quotations from a range of contractors to be certain of their capability as well as rates. Generally, you can gauge your budget by size of your outlet as well as the quality of materials and design you are hoping for. For a medium sized outlet (around 1000-2000 sq ft), this is around $150,000-$500,000 per outlet, for a small outlet (under 500sqft), is around $60,000 – 100,000, depending on quality. A yardstick would be a 13,000 sqft office space with pantry and meeting rooms costs around $1.3 million dollars.

Flooring and Tiling

Generally offices would settle for the typical square tiles. However, if you’re looking to swank it up in your office, you might want to consider parquet or granite flooring. Do take in mind that the cost of flooring would differ with regards to your floor materials as well as the cost of labour which would include foundation and laying of tiles

Marble: $10-$15 /sqft

Laminate: $3.50-$4.50 /sqft

Vinyl: $6-$7 /sqft

Ceramic or Homogenous tiles: $3-$15  /sqft

Parquet: $7-$14  /sqft

Granite: $10-$20 /sqft

Labour: $3-$10 /sqft

The total cost for flooring for an office could set you back around $5000-$8000

Wall hacking 

Wall hacking is normal during renovation works especially if you want your office to boast the open space concept. The cost would largely depend on the thickness of the wall and the amount of hacking that needs to be done. Also you should check with your building if you need a permit to carry out any hacking. Be sure to get some approval just incase there are some foundational pillars and walls that are not meant to be hacked.

Wall hacking: $50-$70 per foot run

Also good to check with contractor if they’ll charge extra for debris clearing.


Carpentry is essential if you want to build cabinets or shelves for your office instead of buying them. This is not necessary but good if you’re planning on locating to the space for the long term. The cost here would vary depending on the size of your shelves, the types of wood used and the workmanship needed.

Book cabinet: $220 – 500 per ft. run

Large Cupboards: $200 – 350 per ft. run

Painting Services

The interior paint of your office is important, it beautifies your office: creates a conducive environment for your employees as well as creates a good first impression for visiting clients. It is important to go for quality when it comes to painting of your commercial building/unit. The quotes for painting services is greatly dependent on your size area.

A rough price guide would be for 3 colours + White Ceiling: $1200 – $2000

Electrical Rewiring

Electrical rewiring depends heavily on how many powerpoint you might want in your house. This area is extremely complicated and you wouldn’t want to DIY this. Look for a reliable electrician to properly fix your lighting points, cable points and concealment as well. Prices here vary greatly from electrician to electrician so you need to check with you electrician how he charges his rates.

13amp Power Point (single): $90 – 100 per point

15amp Power Point (double): $70 – 160 per point

Lighting Point: $45 – 70 per point

2-Way Switch: $100 – 150 per piece

Telephone Point: $80 – 140 per point

Installation of Lights: $8 – 20 per light


You should consider the budget, style and space before picking the furniture. These typically costs $7,000 to $15,000 depending on your commercial space.

The only sure way to find out what it will cost to get your commercial space renovated is to get some advice from your interior designers. They can discuss the details of your idea with you and give you a pretty good idea of what it will cost.


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