Mastering Mobile Marketing to Catapult Your Company into Success!

Over the years, mobile phones have become a staple in our lives and none of us can probably walk out of the house without our phones anymore. 2016 was a great year for mobile marketing. According to  emarketer2 billion consumers worldwide  will have smartphones by the end of 2016 and that over half of mobile phone users globally will have smartphones in 2018. These numbers are huge and it opens up so many opportunities when it come to mobile marketing. There are just so many mobile marketing tips out there for everyone to latch on to! We’re going to let you in on some of the best mobile marketing tips to allow for you to grow and flourish well enough with mobile marketing! 

However, it is easy to think that the same strategies that worked last year might work well again this year. The world of mobile marketing is ever changing and we need to move along and match the growth. You will be able to understand and fully grasp the importance of having a mobile marketing strategy but everything constantly changes in the tech world that you might hit a roadblock when it comes to perfect execution.

One way to ensure that mobile users get the best version of whatever it is you’re planning to put online is to allow for mobile optimisation. This might include a mobile version of your website, an app or even responsive websites. But it’s important to remember that going from a desktop, where the screen is so much larger to a phone is a huge difference. Not only when size becomes an issue but all the nitty gritty’s as well.

So how does one master mobile marketing good enough to ensure you’re creating the best pathway to success for your company? These mobile marketing tips will help you tremendously because mobile marketing isn’t as complicated as it seems! Strategic marketing is where you will succeed!

The first order of business should be the actual setting up of your mobile website. If you want to start with mobile marketing, you do need a platform for the process first! This is where you delve into the mobile advertising market or even dabble with proper strategic marketing. By setting up your mobile website, you are allowing for doors to be opened for you when you ask yourself “why mobile marketing?”.

Setting up your mobile website is extremely easy. Mobile marketing has come a long way since the start of it’s conception. Since everyone is on their phones, a lot of companies already offer this feature to you for free. Companies like WordPress offer the automated conversion system where it just takes your site and auto-formats it for a mobile device. Having a mobile website just allows for more traffic to be channeled into your business. Most people are on handheld devices now, so it’s better to ensure you have catered to everyone in mind.

There are two version of mobile optimised websites. There is the standard version which is just looks similar to your website, but it’s just been shrunken down properly to fit a mobile phone screen. The other one which is called a mobile version is a standalone website that is used whenever you get a visit from someone using a handheld device.

The latter is always better because it’s a website that has been optimised specifically for the mobile phone! There are a lot of companies that offer these services if you need them. It’s just as simple as picking up the phone and looking for them. They would already have multiple versions ready and they are quite open to whatever ideas you may have as well. It just looks a lot better if you have a standalone mobile website. It makes your readers feel as if you’ve taken the effort to create something specifically for mobile readers! The mobile advertising market is vast and wide, you just need to build a net large enough to catch all your customers.

Immerse yourself in the culture of mobile marketing. We feel that you will never truly understand the mobile marketing market if you do not try it out for yourself first. You need to start using your phone more, download all the latest apps that are doing great in your industry. If you’re in the food business, download apps like Foursquare or Burrple so that you get a clear view on how people actually get their apps and marketing ideas to work so well. The bottom line is to get used to how exactly a smartphone works and the things you can do with it to allow for a better strategic marketing approach.

List down the features that you think make certain apps so well-accepted and try to either recreate that or work around it and find a solution that best fits your company and the services you are trying to sell.

There is no easier way to please the people except by being one of the people as well. The deeper your understanding of the way mobile marketing works, the better you will be at creating and executing your mobile marketing plan. People often ask, why mobile marketing? Our answer would be “why not?”. If you can find a way to increase your sales online, why wouldn’t you do it?

Do you always get spammed on Facebook by your friends who constantly check-in in certain places all around town? Well, it’s about time you claim those business profiles for yourself so that everyone knows that you are the company’s representative.

Claiming your business is an easier way to advertise your company and it’s allows for people to find you easily. Claiming your profile on a company like ThunderQuote will also help you find leads easily. When you’ve claimed your business, you can now easily use the platforms to run mobile promotions. For example, if someone check-in to your restaurant on Facebook, you can give them a free drink of some sort. That just allows for good customer bonding and you will get more check-ins, which translates to more customers! It really is that simple.

These are three simple steps that will allow for better mobile marketing and since we’ve established that the mobile advertising market is a huge one that can be easily used for the betterment of your company when coupled with the right strategies.


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