6 Event Organising Podcasts You Need To Listen To Today!

Podcast has been in the rise since its first introduction in 2008. According to Pew Research Centre, the percentage of Americans alone who regularly listen to podcasts has almost doubled since 2008; Increasing from 9% to 17% by January of 2015 and the number has always grown since.

Unlike radio, podcasts enable listeners to choose what they are listening to. This is why it is growing among young professional people like event organisers. Working in a fast paced industry that is always changing, it is important for us to continuously learn despite the little free time in hand. Thanks to podcast, this problem can easily be solved. Here we have listed 6 event organising podcast that you should listen to. Why 6? According to Jay Bear of Convince & Convert, the average listener subscribes to 6 podcasts. Let’s start the list.


Your one-stop podcast for everything related to the event industry. From planning and marketing tips, to deciding what food to serve to hiring talent for your event, PlannerPod has it all. Hosted by Toby Goodman and James Eager, both musicians used their experience being on tours and running events to help other doing the same thing in hosting better events. These two consistently bring on interesting guests from all across the event planning field, including wedding planners, conference experts, event speakers, and caterers. We suggest starting with Episode 21 Commercial Director, Suzanne Malhotra discusses why marketing understanding is important for a successful event.


What do people discuss most when they hear the word event? Food of course! Especially if what you are organising is a corporate event.

GastroPod focuses on exactly that. Even though this podcast gives nothing out when it comes to event hosting or how to market your event, it will provide you with a lot of insight on the science of gastronomy. Happy tummies, happy customers right? If you need inspiration on how to change your menu or what to serve clients, or even what food to serve to line with your event theme, than this podcast is definitely for you. We suggest listening to States’ Plates where they discuss which food represents different states (good for those themed events) and Enhanced Eating with Dan Pashman where he tackles questions like how to keep sandwiches from being soggy and which soap to pair with your food order. You know little things that will give you an edge from your competitors.

The Event Tech Podcast

A little bit more technical and serious than the two, Event Tech Podcast delivers discussions regarding the use of technology for events and conferences to improve the experience for organizers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. Usually hosted by CEO and co-founder John Frederico, the podcast interviews various industry experts on the latest technology to optimise experiences during corporate events. WE recommend starting with this episode where Pathable CEO discusses using mobile apps and building private communities for events.

TechyStalk Unscripted

TechyStalk Unscripted is like the Harpers Bazaar or Vogue of the event management podcast. With episodes lasting on average 30 minutes, takes you behind the scenes of the events industry via light hearted yet enriched conversation with the industry hustlers. The podcast airs on video biweekly using and dissects the challenges faced by event management professionals and how they overcome them. TechStalk Unscripted will also gives you insight on the latest trend in the event organising industry that you will want to know about. Start with their latest episodes on make your way down.

The Savvy Event Planner

Hosted by corporate comedy entertainer and author Tom Crowl, this prominent podcast look into event management, from start to finish. Crowl has worked with event professionals around the world including entertainment agencies, caterers, businesses, and more to help them created fantastic events and this podcasts is his way of giving you the same thing. Because of his funny nature, you can be sure that this podcast is going to grab your attention, especially on those stressed days. The two episodes I would suggest are How I Started My Event Planning Business with Michelle Perez and Event Planning On A Tight Budget with A.J. Steinberg.

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Of course we are not going to leave you event organisers without insights of the biggest even of it all, a wedding! The most important event planning that you will probably organise. Or maybe you just happen to be engaged and are getting married. Either way this podcast is the perfect audio to listen to. Experienced wedding consultants, Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez share their secrets to help you plan your (or your clients) wedding. This light-hearted, funny 30 minutes podcast will fill with laughter and a lot of knowledge about wedding planning. Start with episode 45 where they interview trend expert Anne Chertoff where she discusses about resourcing for a wedding event.


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