5 Videos About Web Development You Should Watch Today!

So you want to be a part of the web development world, creating websites and be behind the curtains of successful online business but you don’t know where to start. Sure, you could sign into a course but you’re unsure if you could manage the stress yet and you are looking for something more accessible and friendlier to your pocket. Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution.

With everything being online today, so are web development lessons and technique for those of you looking to upgrade your knowledge. Here we have listed the 5 videos we think will serve you well.

Web Development In 2017 – A Practical Guide

Why you should watch this: It is current, first of all. This video will guide you on all of the latest technologies, when you should start learning them, all the other related knowledge that is required and what rest of the topic are just extra knowledge that might serve you better one day.

This video is a step by step guide on what term like HTML/CSS/Javascript means to more complicated terms like Python and Node.js and how to manoeuvre around them in a practical way.

Host: Traversy Media, a site that offers full courses and web development tutorial.

Length: This video last about 34 minutes and 2 seconds.

Watch it here.

What it’s like being a Web Developer

Why you should watch this video: If you are wondering what life will be like, what kind of challenges you will face, the things you might struggle with and the things you will love, than you should definitely watch this. You are literally going to follow the life of a beta web developer and his update on how life is like after 5 months working in the industry. He also does it in a very laid-back way (in his own house).

Aaron doesn’t just do this video. His channel is constantly updated on tips and tricks revolving around web development. If you are a millennial in the arena or looking to be in the arena then his channel is definitely made for you.

Host: Aaron in Beta. He is a new developer, a writer and a vlogger.

Length: eight and a half minutes

Watch this video here or subscribe to his channel here.

If you want to start from the beginning then start here where Aaron updates his life as a web developer after one week of work.

LADYPOINTS: Rebecca Garcia

Why you should watch this video: Because she is a lady who taught herself web development and she is good at what she does.

Often times when people talk about web development, it is always related to the male counterparts. In other words, it is a male-dominated industry. So in order to salute our women making their way up in an industry that is often considered masculine, we suggest you watch this interview with Rebecca Garcia where she talks about how she got started and the successes she has achieved. I assure you it is one of the videos you do not want to miss.

Host: this video is part of Ladypoints, a webseries that features women who has redefined success in their own industry.

Length: seven and a half minutes.

Watch this video here.

If you are interested in following women in the web development industry, than I suggest you watch Global Fashion Gal, Brianna Degaston’s video. She is a web developer and a lifestyle and fashion vlogger.

How Much Money I Make as a Web Developer?

Why you should watch this: This doesn’t just talk about the basic pay a web developer gets, it’s also a guide on how to make money as a web developer and turning your passion into a career. Coming from a front-end web developer who co-owns a small company, this video covers subjects on how to deal with those awkward moments you face when dealing with clients about payment and how to do it with confidence. Definitely something to watch if you are a freelancer.

Host: Adrian Stefan, a freelance web developer in Romania who also runs his own company.

Length: seven minutes twenty seconds.

Watch this video here, or if you are a freelancer and wants more tips on working as a freelance web developer, subscribe to Adrian’s channel here.

Complete Free Web Development Course.

Why you should watch this: We have saved the best for last. This video is exactly what the title says, it is a free web development course that teaches you that gives you an in-depth outlook on everything you need to know before you can become a professional web developer.

Host: Joey Parys, an online instructor and entrepreneur.

Length: This video lasts a whooping 13 hours and one and a half minutes. Don’t be scared by the figure though, Parys has broken down the videos into subjects so you can simply click on the topic you want to learn and start viewing from there.

Watch this video here.

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