Trends That Will Dominate Email Marketing

The email marketing trend is shifting again. The strategies used 5 years ago will definitely not work today. The email marketing landscape is quickly shifting and unless you are staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with the next big thing, you will fall behind and quickly become the next Kodak.

Here are some of the key determinants of the huge upcoming changes in email marketing that we will see in the next 2 years.


Customer Cynicism Towards Email Marketing

Your readers increasingly find themselves flooded with marketing emails everyday and it frustrates them. Often these emails do not even speak to their needs. Marketing emails that only scream their call-to-action buttons will find themselves receiving zero interest and lots of hate.


Cliché Clickbait Subject Lines

Your readers have definitely become wiser about detecting marketing emails. So what some email marketers try to do is to trick their readers into thinking that their marketing emails are actually work-related. The following subject lines will get you instantly blacklisted by your desired audience:

  • ACTION REQUIRED. Check Your Account Details
  • Reminder for Scheduled Meeting
  • Re: Perhaps you missed my email

If you are using any of these cheap tricks, please stop it! No doubt you will get a high email open rate. But your “Report Spam” rate will be just as high. Don’t kill your email marketing campaign.


Gmail Filters

Gmail filters out emails into “Primary”, “Social” and “Promotions”. The last thing you want is for your marketing email to be thrown into the “Social” or “Promotions” tabs. It is as good as a waste basket. There are no definite ways to define Google’s algorithms to know how promotions are detected, but there are a few patterns we found that we compiled in Decode the Gmail Promotions Tab.



So now what?

In light of these trends, I believe that you will find it harder to maximise your email marketing reach and conversion.

But customer cynicism does not mean that you need to resort to trashing your email marketing campaign, but it does mean that you need to be more raw and authentic.

Having more discerning readers does not mean that you need to figure out new tricks to get them to read your marketing emails, but it does mean that you need to be tactful and provide value.

And Gmail filters does not mean that you should resign to being stuck in the “Promotions” tab, but it does mean that you have to be personal.


Be Raw and Authentic

It is impossible to remain anonymous anymore and still expect to connect with your readers. They expect more than the sterile and professional emails that they commonly receive from colleagues.

Get real about the pains and joys of work. Share your personal experiences in an informal way. Don’t be rigid. Using emoticons, GIFs and memes are fine if your business is a B2C business, and sometimes even if you are a B2B business in the right context!

The key is to get your readers to relax rather than tense up when reading your email.


Be Tactful and Interesting

This takes a great deal of creativity. Knowing how to create a subject line in your marketing email that people want to open is challenging. And the best way to be interesting is to provide value they find interesting such as free gifts and offerings like:

  • Joe, just for you: an exclusive free ticket to…
  • Tired of manually searching for emails online? Here’s 200 free contacts for you – no strings attached with our TQ Prospector! (Shameless self-insert but absolutely real value!)
  • Need help with… Here’s 5 free tips on…

Please do offer a free gift which is of real value to your readers and not just something to hook them. Because that’s when your recipient will even share your email with friends who may benefit from your product. What’s better than getting 100% conversion from your email campaign? How about 1000% when your audience find it so valuable they share it with even more people!

Be Personal

One way to bypass Google’s email filter is to mention your recipient’s name in the Subject Line. You saw an example above, so here are a few more:

  • Henry, We got 35% Off for You!
  • Sarah, I found 4 ways to increase your sales conversion
  • Linda, lunch meeting on me

You will find a lot more ways to bypass Google’s email filter on our article Decode the Gmail Promotions Tab.


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Decode the Gmail Promotions Tab

Gmail has an incredibly smart filter that divides emails into Primary, Social and Promotions Tabs. The algorithms that go into determining the type of email uses multiple criteria which you need to look out for.

The Promotions Tab is pretty much a trash bin that hardly gets any attention. All your money that goes into paid subscription for email marketing tools will go to waste if you are unable to overcome Gmail’s promotions tab filter.

Here are the observed criteria that Gmail uses to categorize emails:


Personalised Names

If you greet your recipient by name, there is a higher chance that your email is a personal email rather than a promotional email. It is important to collect your subscribers’ names along with the emails so that you will avoid greeting them by their email ID which is a dead giveaway.


Pain Text

A personal email will normally use only 1 font type and size. After all, in my other post about Trends That Will Dominate Email Marketing, I mentioned that your readers are increasingly weary and cynical about email marketing. You should go for authenticity and plain text to lower your readers’ defences and speak personally to their emotions. Use up to 50 words per email only.

You will commonly find multiple font types in promotional emails due to their fancy formatting, but that is a huge red flag for Gmail.


Multiple Images

Besides using plain text, you need to use very few images to convey your message. Ensure that a single GIF or image is sufficient to illustrate your product.

Kill your company logo, fax icon, mobile icon, address icon etc. Avoid them completely. Make your email look completely like a personal email that you send to your friend.



Use only 1 hyperlink. There should only be 1 Call-To-Action link that leads to your landing page. Avoid all other links to avoid suspicion. Your “Unsubscribe” button should only be at the bottom of the email.


Sales Talk

Do not talk directly about your product. Instead share casually. The following phrases will immediately get detected by Gmail “Buy now and save 35%” or “Limited time offer” or “Click here to buy”.

You stand a better chance if you choose your words carefully, for example “Want to share this tool with you” or “I think this will help” or “consider this option”.

The whole idea is that you write like writing to your friend. Avoid pushing the sale, but present an option. The selling should be done on the landing page.



Gmail’s algorithm is always changing. There are some really intelligent guys at Google covering every single loophole in their algorithm. There is no permanent answer to this email marketing problem but we do have some tips!

DISCLAIMER: Even if you follow our guidelines, you may still end up in the Promotions Tab.



There a few options for you. It is increasingly difficult to find loopholes in the algorithm and I think it is not productive to do so. You can do A/B testing to see what works, but I have a better idea.

During your welcome email (which likely ends up in the Promotions Tab), ask your subscribers to click and drag your email into the Primary Tab.

Incentivise them by telling them that you will give out a free gift in the second email that is available only to the first 100 clickers. That will create a sense of urgency from FOMO (fear of missing out).

But beyond the second email, you need to provide real value to your subscribers. You need to give relevant insights in your blog posts, free gifts periodically and a tightknit community on your website that your subscribers feel belonging to.


Concluding Thoughts

Quite clearly email marketing is getting tougher with Gmail’s strict algorithm. But that only filters out your spammy competitors, keep providing value and striving to make a real connection and you will succeed… just keep trying!

But to keep trying, you need more leads and this makes email lead generation all the more vital yet it’s never easy… We know and that’s why we built a solution – If you want to find 200 email leads in 5 minutes, use TQ Prospector Tool for FREE!

ThunderQuote is the most comprehensive business services portal in Singapore, Australia and ASEAN , where hundreds of thousands of dollars of procurement contracts are sourced every month by major companies like Singapore Press Holdings, National Trade Union Congress and more.

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